**Update Jan 2020**

This was backed by ElasticSearch and I stopped paying for my cluster(they're expensive). So the data no longer works for the POC below.

Proof of concept:

As an exercise I wanted to build a Chloropleth map. Well I didn't exactly start at wanting to build a chloropleth map. It started as a simple question, which Parishes in Louisiana could use more resources in improving the overall health of their population? I wanted to see which parishes had the most smokers. Which had the most drinkers. Which had the most people who smoked AND drank.

The CDC runs a telephone survey called the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System and publishes the results of the data. After quite a bit of normalization of the data (which could be it's own blog post), I managed to mash up a quick proof of concept.

It's clunky. I think the data is wrong. The javascript is completely unmaintainable, but I shipped something. That alone is enough to celebrate and announce.